Dusan Tatransky

Creative & Digital Marketing


Hi, I am from your future

I'm a marketing professional with 12+ years of experience. I learn, I experiment, I grow.

I have been sent here from the future to James the Bond out of your digital presence.

Everything is as it's suposed to be... You already found me.

The rest will be history.


Masters Marketing management

2011 - Comenius University, Bratislava.

Diploma thesis: Business plan.

Erazmus International marketing

2010 - Instituto Politécnico, Bragança.

Term paper: Guerrilla marketing.

Work Experience

WTF Factory

Creative & Strategy Head [2011 - 2023]

Founded an alternative advertising agency with the focus on Guerrilla marketing.

  • Providing Marketing consulting, Branding, Ideamaking, Creative concepts, Content production, Website development, Copywriting, Social media management, and Audience development for local brands like 69 Slam, Fungui, TEDx Kosice, Tabacka Kulturfabrik.
  • Employing various freelancers and managing the creative team.


Senior digital marketing specialist [2022]


Worked on the launch of JaguarFox brand - food supplements for gamers, in Austria, Czechia, Hungary and Slovakia.

  • In charge of the marketing team, brand development, marketing strategy, and execution. Focusing on Social media marketing, Content production, Influencer marketing, Google ads, Event promotion and Audience development.

Deposit return system

Senior account manager [2020 - 2022]


Worked on bringing the Slovak deposit return system to life from the scratch.

  • Functioning also as a Digital account manager, he coordinated influencers, TV & radio production, and all the communication aspects needed to inform the public about changes that the refund system brings, on a national scale.


Head of Marketing [2017 - 2018]


Worked on the global launch of 2daysmood app & services.

  • In charge of the marketing team, brand development, marketing strategy, and execution. Focusing on Email marketing, Social media marketing, Content production, Influencer marketing and Audience development.

United flags

Online marketing specialist [2016 - 2017]


  • Worked on the global launch of Author app for Mac. Experimented with SaaS marketing, Side project marketing, WOM, Online media, PR, Influencer marketing and App store marketing.


Senior account manager [2015 - 2017]


  • Project management, Account management, Event management, Ideamaking, Copywriting, Production, Social media management and Influencer marketing for brands like adidas, Absolut Vodka, SAB Miller, Heineken, Accenture, Swiss Re.
  • Mentored by Peter Ridzon, Dusan was in charge of the project Absolut Electrik Night which received Shortlist for Golden Nail 2016 advertising award.


  • Personal branding
  • Content creation
  • Growth hacking
  • Ideamaking
  • Storytelling
  • Stand up
  • Books
  • Chess


Dusan Tatransky | Creative & Digital Head

PH: +421 903 935 649

E: dusan@tatransky.sk